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About us


Suita City Museum was constructed within Shikinzan Park and opened its door to the public in 1992.

Exhibition Room No.1 introduces the whole history of Suita, from ancient to modern/contemporary times with objects, models, and videos.

Exhibition Room No.2 features life-size kiln remains of ancient times, including the remains of government-run kilns that produced roof tiles for Naniwa Palace in Osaka and Heian Palace in Kyoto.

The Shikinzan area is seen to be an important historical area of ancient tile making as an area where tiles were manufactured for the imperial palaces. In addition to the officially-designated historical site, the Shikinzan Park and the surrounding areas also feature ancient tombs, the ruins of the kiln used for manufacturing Sue ware, and the Kishibe Shrine main hall. The Park provides an environment for people to learn the living history of the area where the course of historical development of the area can be observed while enjoying the verdant garden road starting from the museum.

Admission & Hours

Opening Hours :
Closing Days :
The days after national holidays,
December 29-January 3
Admission Charges :
Individual Group
(more than 20)
Adult ¥200 ¥160
(Senior High School and College)
¥100 ¥80
(Elementary and Junior High School)
¥50 ¥40

An additional charge may be asked for special exhibitions.

Getting Here

  • Buses from ‘JR Suita Station Kita-Guchi (North Gate)’ or ‘Hankyu Suita Station’ stop at either ‘Shikinzan-Koen-Mae Bus Stop’ or ‘Satsukigaoka-Nishi (West) Bus Stop’ . From there, it is about 4-7 minutes walk to the museum.
  • From ‘JR Kishibe Station’ , it is about 20 minites walk to the museum.



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